Progress (sort of)

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That's how jewelry trees are supposed to look like... right?


  1. impressive, liking the shoe cubes.

  2. Haha, your last comment made me laugh out loud. I was going to try and pick a favorite from all these pictures, but I can't! I loooove the. . .erm . . . interesting jewelry tree. The hand with the rings on it is insanely cool, and all the shoes are amazing! I love it all! I'm very happy I found your lovely blog! Your writing is so witty, and I loved going through and reading a lot of your posts. Definitely following! Anyway, I just posted a new piece on my fashion blog, and would die from happiness if you checked it out, and follow if you like! That would mean sooo much to me!


  3. this jewelry collection makes me sick with envy!
    love the pictures!

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  4. Love how you have everything displayed!

  5. Once again - your blog is awesome! I particularly love this post as I am such a jewelry fan that I like looking through other peoples incredible collections!

    Thank you so much for the really nice comments on our site. They mean a lot and since the site is new it is reassuring to have such a fabulous blogger come and pay us compliments! I've been told that I must create a BlogLovin account (?) But when I do, I will subscribe to your blog! If you want to follow me - please subscribe (lower right hand side of our site under tags), and you will get alerts when we make posts!

    Thanks again! We hope to see you on our blog very soon, and we are rooting for your site! x


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