Past Due

Jeffrey Campbell PAST DUE cut outs with retail pattern, stud detail and gold buckles (holy F?) from EXCLUSIVE (ahh!)


  1. im actually not a fan...bad knockoff JC!

    the nastygal collab is amazing though!

    love your SITE dope dope
    check me out sometime

  2. I must see the nastygal one!
    Thanks for your comment! I'll check it out :)

  3. I trust that I can be able to pass out on this rad Jeffrey Campbell's creation. Been digging other shoes before and those ones are equally rad as these.

    My last post was pretty much more of a rant. It's funny how I find blogging more comforting than my own real world. The fact that I am sucked deep into the Internet world kind of makes me more of a reserved person. I can't ever stand socializing with people I don't find much sense with anymore. I sometimes wonder how people can still be able to do that in real since I am such a failure to do so. But nevermind, I really appreciate you taking the time to read what I ranted. I am thankful that people still keep up with my blog at all. It still amazes me every single day. Again, thank you.




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